Your Skin

To achieve great results on your skin it is important to have your skin assessed by a professional skin therapist. Especially in the vast world of skin care products and treatments, self-diagnosing or just falling for exaggerated claims can happen quite easily.


At Radiance Beauty our skin therapists have knowledge and experience in working with skincare products and in treating skins. This knowledge and experience have allowed us to hand pick the products we work with and recommend. Our focus for your skin is solely results based.

We invite you to have a 45-minute, private skin consultation either in the salon or virtual

In this highly personalised, holistic skin assessment you will learn:


  • How general health and lifestyle habits affect your skin.
  • What changes you can make to lifestyle habits to improve your skin.
  • How to care for your skin at home through using a prescribed home skincare program.
  • What in salon skin treatments would be best suited to address your skin challenges.


By the end of you skin consultation you will have a tailored program to follow including in salon treatments and homecare. We will ensure the program is easy to follow and enjoyable so that you will follow it. The consultation is $50 and it is redeemable on the day of consultation on purchase of products or treatment.


“These guys are the epitome of excellence and integrity in their field. Highly recommended.” – Karen Tonna, Radiance customer


Book your appointment for an in salon or virtual skin consultation now. The $50 for the consultation is redeemable on the day of consultation on purchase of products or treatments.