Remove unwanted facial hair for good with electrolysis, the most permanent treatment for unwanted hair available today!


While waxing, tweezing, lotions, and creams can make your hair grow back lighter and sparser with repeated use, only electrolysis is permanent. It involves a tiny needle, finer than a hair, going into the root of the follicle and zapping it with a slight electrical current.


After a number of treatments, the root eventually seals up and will no longer produce another hair. You will feel a slight bit of heat as the hair is zapped, but it is even less painful than tweezing!

The process requires at least two treatments and up to several more, depending upon how thick the hair follicles may be. We can give you an estimate of how many treatments an area may require after your first consultation. Electrolysis is mostly suitable for facial hair on the chin, cheek, neck and lip areas.


Treatments cost $30 for the first 10 minutes and $10 for every additional 5 minutes. 


“A place to solve all skin needs. Love my treatments! Thank you.” – Elena Marshall, Radiance Beauty Camberwell customer


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