Synchro Starter Bundle


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  • 30ml Synchro
  • 100 ml Cleanser-Glyco
  • Free 2 x Facial Cleansing Sponges
  • Free 100 ml Toning Lotion-Fibro
  • 30 min Skin Tutorial with Gernetic Skin Consultant on how to use the products for best results. Skin tutorial is given in-salon at Radiance Beauty Camberwell or given virtually  by video call. You will be contacted to arrange this.



After working with Synchro for 30 years and personally using it for 30 years, I strongly believe that Synchro is a skin cream that everyone should add to their regime. It is complete nutrition for your skin and it brings health and vitality to your skin and nurturing for ALL ages.


Although Gernetic has a wide range of products, it all began with its HERO product and that is Synchro!


Synchro was originally made to heal the skin of burn patients by Dr Laporte, founder of Gernetic products. Dr Laporte soon discovered that any skin would benefit from the regular use of Synchro and so from that point Synchro made it’s way into the world of Cosmeceuticals and has been there ever since treating the skins of millions.


What does Synchro do for your skin?

  • It nourishes your skin cells at a cellular level
  • It helps your skin cells regenerate into healthier skin cells
  • It makes your skin feel comfortable and supple
  • It protects the skin from irritation and soothes the skin
  • It keeps the skin well moisturised


Active Ingredients

  • Peptides rich in amino acids of Glutamine, Arginine, Lysine, Threonine, Tryptophan and Valine
  • Vitamins A&E,  C,  B
  • Antioxidants
  • Magnesium and Potassium


This nourishing, regenerating, anti-inflammatory and incredibly healing cream  can be used on any skin of any age group with any concern or with no concern. It can be added to with serums and other actives or it can be used on its own. It is a uniquely beautiful cream for your skin, and it is a most worthy addition to your skin care regime.


By purchasing the Synchro Starter Bundle you will be able to give Synchro a go as well as have the opportunity to prepare your skin with it’s accompanying Cleanser-Glyco and Toner-Fibro . This will ensure you use Synchro optimally and so get the best results. Of course in your 30 mins tutorial you will be carefully instructed on how to use the products.


So go ahead add the Synchro Starter Bundle to your cart and you too may become a Synchro convert!!

2 reviews for Synchro Starter Bundle

  1. Lisa Banks

    Synchro is my favourite moisturiser- it is perfect for everyday and night – light, yet packed with calming qualities and rich goodness. I first used Synchro as a teenager with my mother. Happily I rediscovered it several years ago and feel like I’ve come full circle. I will not forget about it again.

  2. Floss

    I don’t know yet haven’t used it but I would like to try and see if it is the right one for me to be using

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