Laser Skin & L.E.D Light Therapy

At Radiance, we have a broad range of treatments that address most skin concerns. Using the principles of cellular biology, Gernétic has developed an extensive product range for face and body. We utilize these supremely effective products in a regimen that is tailored to your skin, to get you the results you’re looking for.

We encourage you to visit us in the salon so we can advise you in person through a holistic and personalised skin assessment.

microdermabrasionLow Intensity Laser Therapy or LED Light Therapy is based on the properties present in a beam of red light.

The basics of laser & LED is the photon, just as atoms are the fundamental units of matter. Photons travel at 300,000km per second, faster than any other known particle.

The Low Intensity Laser or LED is placed in contact with the skin at the affected area, allowing the photon energy to penetrate the tissue.

The process results in the restoration of normal cellular function and enhancement of the body’s healing process. Low Intensity Laser or LED is non-invasive, and does not burn you as it does not involve heat. It is a state-of-the-art technology that restores skin tissue.

Low Intensity Laser & LED Light Therapy does the following:

  • Improves the regeneration turnover of the cells
  • Reduces scarring by increasing collagen production
  • Heals, strengthens and improves immunity of tissue
  • Promotes muscular contraction, helping to lift the face and neck muscles
  • Brings blood rich in oxygen to the skin tissue
  • Improves the skin tissue’s ability to uptake nutrients
  • Treats acne and acne scarring
  • Treats pigmentation
  • Improves redness and sensitivity in skin
  • Treats acne rosacea
  • Treats eczema and psoriasis

Low Intensity Laser LED Treatments:

Improvement of the condition being treated can be seen after one Low Intensity Laser or LED Treatment. As the area has been energised, the improvement continues. Low Intensity Laser Therapy or LED Light Therapy is always done as a program.

Evidence has shown that a minimum of 6 treatments are required to achieve the desired result. Although it often takes more, depending on the severity of the condition and other factors.

Low Intensity Laser or LED Light treatments are performed at the end of a facial treatment.

  • 15 mins costs $55.
  • 20 mins costs $70.
  • 30 mins costs $95.

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