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Gernétic was created in 1978 by Albert Laporte, a French cellular biologist and gerontologist who specialised in the study of the biological aspects of ageing. While working in the burns unit of a hospital in Paris, Laporte developed a cream that not only healed burns and scars quickly but also improved the overall condition of the skin.

In the course of his research, he realised that many cosmetic imperfections represented cellular deficiencies. He also investigated the beneficial effects of cellular therapy on the skin.

Cellular therapy is widely used in Europe. It is a very powerful way of treating any organ, including the skin, by harnessing the body’s ability to recover its health when its cells are properly nourished with essential nutrients.

Laporte’s fields of expertise are the basis of Gernétic’s unique and revolutionary concept: to use cellular therapy to enhance beauty through wellbeing.

Gernétic’s nutritional ingredients are 100% extracted from marine and plant life. Gernétic’s growing, harvesting and extracting techniques ensure that the raw ingredients are purer and far more reliable and potent than conventional ones. Incorporated in Gernétic products, they bring essential nutrients that encourage the skin to repair itself, balance its function and strengthen its immunity.


Cleansing milks – all skin types

Demaquillant Douceur 200ml $49 – Gentle Cleanser
Glyco 200ml $53.00    Cleansing milk for all skin types

Preparing/purifying lotions – no alcohol

Fibro 200ml    $53.00    Preparing lotion for all skin types
Sebo-Ger 200ml    $75.00    Purifying lotion for pimples

Weekly deep cleansing – gentle on the skin

Derma 200ml    $60.50    Liquid soap
Marine Cleansing Gel 200ml    $59.00    Cleanses and exfoliates
Ger-Peel 50ml    $132.00    Gentle peeling

Eye contour – anti ageing & decongesting

Eye Contour Gel 25ml    $115.00    Restore elasticity and hydration
Eye Mask 30ml    $79.00    Reduce dark circles and puffiness

Cell nutritive – hydrating balancing essential

Synchro 30ml    $108.00    Cells regenerative cream for all skins
Synchro 50ml    $149.00    Cells regenerative cream for all skins
Synchro 2000 50ml    $149.00    Cells regenerative cream – light texture

Cell super nutritive – repairing soothing hydrating

Nucléa 30ml    $151.50    Repairing anti-age cream
Cytobi 30ml    $199.00    Super nutritive cream for reactive skins
Cells-Life 15ml    $189.00    Hydrating and revitalizing serum

Vascularization/oxygenation – red or lifeless skins

Veinulo Special Plus 20ml    $129.00    Decongesting restructuring capillary serum
Vasco 30ml    $95.00    Decongestive cream
Ger-Oxy 50ml    $114.00    Oxygenating & hydrating cream

Purifying – oily or acne skins

Octo 30ml    $86.00    Blackhead & millium cream
Mixed & Oily Skins 50ml    $95.00    Pimples & acneic skin cream

Toning & lifting – firming and anti wrinkle

Myo/Myoso 30ml    $90.00    Skin muscle tensor cream
Marine Ger-Lift 30ml    $141.50  Lifting and anti-wrinkle cream


Skin Clair Night 50ml    $141.50    Lightening night cream
Skin Clair Serum 25ml    $169.00    Lightening serum

Protective day – SPF and make up base

Tropo 50ml    $109.00    Make-up base for oily skins
Tropo Plus 50ml    $109.00    Make-up base for dry skins
Symbiose 50ml    $131.00    Nutritive day cream for mature skins – SPF 10
Marine Day Cream 30ml    $92.00    Make-up base for mature skins
Mélano III 125ml     $44.00    SPF 27 face and body sunscreen

Weekly serums – energizing

Flower Acid Lotion    $84.00    Gentle biological peeling
Mito Special Plus    $125.00    Regeneration and repair enhancing serum

Les Parfaits – powerful anti aging

Concentré Réparateur 25ml    $262.00    Cellular repairing serum
Crème Jeunesse 50ml    $465.00    Detoxifying protective repairing day cream
Crème Anti-Temps 50ml    $339.00    Rejuvenating desensitizing night cream

Basic and specific masks – weekly routine

Argini 50ml    $66.00    Purifying and soothing cream mask
Immuno Mask 50ml    $101.00    Tissue regenerating cream mask
Hydra-Ger 50ml    $111.00    Hydrating cream mask
Marine mask 30ml    $102.00    Energizing marine cream mask


Set No1    $129.00    Milk 50ml, lotion 50ml & cells regenerative cream 30ml


Just for him

Soap Gel 200ml    $40.90    Cleanses, purifies and disinfects
Hydra Men 50ml    $99.00    Nutritive and revitalizing cream
Lift Men 50ml    $135.00    Nutritive and firming cream
After Shave Balsam 50ml    $79.00    Soothing and refreshing after shave


Shaped and firm body

Lympho 200ml    $53.00    Preparing lotion
Veinulo Special Plus 20ml    $129.00    Decongesting and restructuring vein serum
Vasco/Artéra 200ml    $140.00    Decongesting and anti-cellulite cream
Adipo/Gasta 200ml    $140.00    Slimming cream
Perfect Body 200ml    $140.00    Contouring cream
Somito 200ml    $140.00    Firming cream
Anti Stries Cream 125ml    $131.00    Prevention and restoration of stretch marks


Firm and harmonious bust

Seino 200ml    $52.90    Preparing lotion
Macro 2000 100ml    $135.00    Enhances harmony and firmness
Endo Special Plus 20ml    $129.00    Regenerating and restructuring serum