At Radiance, we have a broad range of treatments that address most skin concerns. Using the principles of cellular biology, Gernétic has developed an extensive product range for face and body. We utilize these supremely effective products in a regimen that is tailored to your skin, to get you the results you’re looking for.

We encourage you to visit us in the salon so we can advise you in person through a holistic and personalised skin assessment.

Lashes_TanningElectrolysis is the most effective permanent treatment for unwanted hair available today. Waxing, tweezing, lotions and creams can retard hair growth,making it lighter, finer and more sparse. But Electrolysis, the removal of hair using electricity, is permanent.

Through this process the hair will grow back finer, softer and lighter until eventually, after a series treatments, all the hair cells will be destroyed and the follicle will be unable to produce another hair.

Every person is different, so we cannot say how many treatments you will need, but an estimate can be given after your first consultation.

Permanent hair removal mostly suitable for facial hair on the chin, cheek, neck and lip areas.

10 minutes for $30

($10 for every additional 5 minutes)

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